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Three Gorgeous Interior Design Themes For Any Home

by | Nov 22, 2018

If you’ve been thinking about updating the interior design of your home, you might be feeling overwhelmed with the range of design styles out there today. There are many interior decorating styles that you may want to incorporate into your home, ranging from formal to minimalistic. With so many styles that can help you express your personal tastes, here are some of the most popular interior design themes that you can add to your home.

Shabby Chic Interior Design

Shabby chic decor is perfect for those who want a vintage look in their rooms. Shabby chic uses distressed elements with a touch of pastel color in the palette. There are specialty stores that sell furniture with worn or distressed finishes, but you can also score some great finds at a flea market or garage sale to complete this look. If you don’t want to go out furniture shopping, it’s not too difficult to transform one of your existing pieces with some hardware, paint, and one of many distressing techniques. Linens with soft colors can help to achieve the shabby chic style as well. The shabby chic design is meant to create a calm and romantic atmosphere in the room, while adding a touch of nostalgia. Just be sure not to go too crazy with all the different visual elements that can go into shabby chic, as you don’t want it to appear too cluttered. In fact, you should take advantage of spring cleaning religiously and make sure to clean out any clutter that might have accidentally started to accumulate to help the design of your interior look more intentional than accidental.

French Country Design & Decor

This style is the opposite of a modern design. French country decor uses contrasting furniture and colors to create a cozy and welcoming environment in your room. This decor is France’s version of a rustic design concept. You need to use neutral shades like creams, tans, or even light yellows as the base color. These colors should be both warm and unobtrusive. For accent colors, focus on traditional shades with a historical touch. You can choose colors like antique white or dark red. French country design focuses on items with a weathered finish. You can shop at vintage resale shops for antique accessories such as toile, a traditional French fabric. You can add this pattern to your furniture fabric, blankets, or accent pillows. Toile can even be paired with gingham or striped patterns as well.

These decor elements are easy to add to any room and can liven up your home. You can create your personal style by adding unique pieces to the decor.

Brick Living Room Interior Design Venice, FL
Toile de jouy fabric on a French reproduction style chair. (click to enlarge)
Image source: Velvetbrighton via Wikimedia Commons

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Minimalism Interior Design

One of the most popular elements you can include in your design scheme is minimalism. Minimalism is a modern design concept that creates a room based on functionality. If you have no use for an item, then it doesn’t fit in the room. Minimalism decor takes a “less is more” approach to any design. This design concept is great for those who want a spacious room with less furniture. The design avoids ornate elements in the room and creates clean lines with only functional furniture pieces. These elements can help you take the minimalistic approach in your interior design.

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