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Redesigning Your Home? Don’t Forget the Garage!

by | Nov 17, 2018

When it comes to redecorating the home, too many people forget about their garages. When a person goes into their garage, they’re usually there to grab something, whether it is a tool or their car, and go somewhere else. But that’s no reason for the garage to be forgotten or neglected. It might even become a place where you want to your spend time. Having a redesigned garage offers an immediate impact on what caliber of home you’re living in. It separates standard living spaces from truly classy establishments. This investment can be instrumental in appraising your home’s value, helping you refinance your mortgage, reinvent your living conditions, and enjoy a better standard of living.

Add Color To Be More Inviting

Why should the garage be the color of cinder blocks or the walls always be grey? There’s no need for a garage’s cabinets and shelves look beat up, like a military surplus room! Cabinets, shelves, and other storage units that come in bright, primary hues or even pastels can make a world of difference. Paint the walls to either to match or complement them.

A designer from B&G can help you choose colors that not only look amazing, but also make sure it’s the right paint that will be durable enough for a garage.

Garage Lighting Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

The garage should be as brightly lit as any other room in the house, especially if it is decorated in a way that the homeowner wants to show off and enjoy. LED lights now come with screw-in bases and can give off the brightness of 200-watt incandescent bulbs for a fraction of the energy cost. Though they’re pricey up front, LEDs pay for themselves quickly. You can get rid of flickering, cold-feeling fluorescent tubes and replace them with beautiful fixtures, such as flush-mounted ceiling lights, sunken lights or track lighting.

If you’re feeling really creative, using nontraditional garage lighting such as chandeliers can add an exciting design element.

Brick Living Room Interior Design Venice, FL
Image source: HGTV Dream Home 2012 (click to enlarge)

Dreaming Of A New Garage?

Garage Flooring Can Also Be Nice

Don’t neglect the garage flooring! Many homeowners don’t bother with plain concrete floors because they figure they’re going to get oily from the car or they’re going to be covered with so much stuff that no one’s going to see them anyway. But a garage whose other aspects have been made aesthetically pleasing deserves a floor that is just as attractive. Protective floor coating is an easy way to make your garage flooring look professional and memorable. Black-and-white tiles of PVC or hard plastic in a checkerboard or houndstooth pattern go with just about every other color.

Show Off Your Tools

After you have decluttered your garage and have removed the tools you never use it’s time to organize the tools you work with. Blank garage walls are excellent places to display tools and equipment. They are not only pleasing to the eye, but arranging and organizing items on the walls eliminates wasted time looking for them. You can use pegboards to hang everything from push brooms and bamboo rakes to shelves. The shelves can hold plastic bins that are used to store off-season decorations or sporting equipment.

The days of the garage being a dull, drab and strictly utilitarian place are gone. It’s time to treat the garage like another room in the house and make the most of every square foot of your property.

If you need some help transforming your garage into a functional and aesthetically pleasing room, keep us in mind! Our designers are amazing at space planning, organization, and improving functionality of your living spaces. We can also help with all sorts of renovations, remodels, and more!

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An Organized Tool System (click to enlarge)

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